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Okay, calm your horses, I still have some dignity left in me. I didn’t go to his place that night… although I loved that he texted me the idea. Why lie?
We met at Church the next morning though. Mimi didn’t come – I don’t know why, but I wish she had.

After Church, he said he was hungry and craving “authentic local cuisine”. I took him to my favorite joint, where we spent three hours talking, laughing, eating and drinking. We got to know each other more, and I realised we had so much more in common than we had anticipated. He opened up to me, told me about his life, his family, his past relationships, his ambitions…and I started to see some good in him. He told me about his past, his “church boy” life, about how he had “backslid” but was working on getting his life and faith back together: “I need to be part of a Church again and make good Christian friends who can encourage and support me… like you.” I was seduced.

We also talked about his relationship with Mimi. I forced him to, as I really wanted to know what was going on, and ask him to stop playing with her. He confessed that she really wasn’t his type, that he didn’t “connect” with her; but that he didn’t just want to let her go “because she’s a good girl.” “I want us to be friends, but we keep having sex. I don’t know how to stop and she isn’t helping!”
I knew what he meant, and I agreed with him.
I mean, Mimi is a good person, but she’s, how do I say it… simple. I wouldn’t date her if I were a guy either, because I would get bored. Even as a friend, she sometimes bores me, since all she ever wants to talk about is men and sex. She’s very sexual.

Speaking of Mimi, she called me while Mike and I were out having lunch. I lied to her: I said I wasn’t with him, “although I saw him at Church”. I hadn’t told her about his text message the previous night. I felt bad, but lying to her came so naturally. I didn’t want her to start stressing over this – especially now that I knew Mike had no intention of taking things further with her. I also didn’t want her to think I would cheat on Billy. This wasn’t so much about her thinking bad of me (she knew me too well already), but more about preserving Billy’s dignity – I didn’t want him to go around town being called un cocu. Things weren’t serious between us yet, but I knew people had seen us out together, alone, a couple of times. This is a small town; news like this (especially news like this!) goes around pretty fast! Besides, it’s not like I was cheating on him. I was just having lunch with a new friend.
By the way, Billy hadn’t come to Church that day either. If he had, we would have taken Mike out to lunch together, and I probably wouldn’t be telling you this story today. But he was out of town for work. He also called me though. I told him a half truth: I told him I had made a new friend – Mimi’s friend (whom I had told him about before), and that we – Mimi and I, had taken him out to lunch after Church.

While we were at lunch, Fred – Mike’s housemate called and asked us to join his girlfriend and him at another bar in town, which we did. After that, we went back to their place where we had more drinks, talked, played games and watched TV series. It didn’t take long for Fred and his girlfriend to retreat to his room for sex (hint: sudden loud music). Now, it was just Mike and I left in the living room.
After a couple of drinks, and some alcohol-and-attraction-induced awkward conversation, Mike leaned in and kissed me. A couple of minutes later, we were in his room having… the best sex I had had in a long time! Our sexual chemistry was
ah-may-zing! But that isn’t even my favorite part of that night… After we had both orgasmed (he made sure I came first), he fell asleep in my arms, and we stayed like that for the rest of the night. I had missed it – being held in someone’s arms like that. It felt good and it felt right. It felt like love.

Of course I felt bad… for “fornicating”, and for “cheating” on Billy, although we weren’t really dating yet. The hoe life had finally caught up with me. As Mimi would put it, “tu peux quitter la hoe life, mais la hoe life ne te quitte pas!” Sigh.
But I was happy! I had spent an awesome day (and night) with a man who seemed to get me and care about me. He could be the one! Of course, we spent the whole of the next day texting each other back and forth. That night, he took me out to diner and we ended up back at his place again. This happened a couple of times for a few weeks, and I just didn’t want it to be over. I was falling in love, and he said he felt the same way too. This was it! I was ready to present him to my friends and family. We even talked about us going back to Kenya together to meet his.
But of course, I had to come out to Mimi first…

The weekend after my first meeting with Mike, I had went out with Mimi. This was before I had decided to tell her what was going on. Of course, Mike came up as one of the topics of our discussion. She asked me if I had seen or spoken to him again. I lied. At first, she didn’t believe me. She said, “erega I saw how you two had clicked the other day. There is no way, you, out of all people, would let that connection just go to waste. He even likes you, I could tell! You can tell me, ntaco. It’s not like this is the first guy both of us would be going after…”
But I told her I was different; that I was seeing Billy now and wanted things to get serious with him; that I couldn’t do that to her although it would have been her fault if I did, since I had explicitly asked her not to present me the guy; that I remembered how he had been a douchebag to her and I wasn’t going to be his next victim, etc. etc. She seemed to believe me. I also told her how he wasn’t a good guy for her anyway, how she shouldn’t allow a man to treat her like that, and a lot of other bullshit.
But I really wanted her to move on, to forget the guy; not because I wanted him for me now, but because I knew their relationship wasn’t going anywhere, with or without me in the picture. I didn’t want her to suffer another broken heart. I’m a hypocrite and a bad friend, I know.

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