Dear future kids,

I grew up in a Burundian home where the subject of relationships and many other topics were nonexistent. As a result, I might have trouble explaining different things to you, but this is me trying my best in case I take after my parents.

I will use an interaction between maths and relationships, and I will make it as easy as possible in case you took after your aunt’s mathematical anxiety.

1 + 1 = 2

No, 1+1 does not equal 1. Two positive terms yield a positive and bigger term. This means that two positive people together are able to increase positivity in each other’s lives and even greater opportunities. Blessings keep coming their ways and even when they don’t, their positive minds will get them through the storms. Now, you might think I’m talking about relationships as in love relationships only but no; this matters even in friendships. Basically, surround yourselves with positive people and remember that your attitudes will determine your outtitudes.

1 + (-1) = 0

Now this, my babies, is the results of being with someone who has a negative view on life. Say you’re the positive one and your partner/friend is the negative one. What this tells you is that there’s a chance of improvement but he/she will be draining you. I used to believe that if I was with a person who was still finding himself and his sense of purpose, it was okay because I had myself together and I could help him find himself… Man was I young and foolish! I’ll come back to this later but for now, let’s concentrate on this plus and minus.
At the end of the day, your positivity will decrease. Your partner’s negativity might decrease (a good thing) but in the long run, it’ll most likely increase again because he/she will be depending on you, and sooner or later you’ll be left with nothing to give so you will both end up being negative, or empty.

-1 + (-1)= -2

I don’t have to get deep on this one; you all understand where I’m heading with this so I’ll keep it simple and short. Nothing good can come out of two negative people; so if you find yourselves in this sort of relationship, end it! Remove yourselves from this toxic situation and focus on working on yourselves first, on building yourselves up. Find your sense of purpose!

(-1)2 = 1

Last but not least, the square of negative one. I left a clue about this in the second point, and mostly what this tells us is that we should not enter any relationship, friendship or romantic, when we’re empty. If you come empty and not full, the only outcome from this is that you’re going to drain the other person. You cannot give yourself to somebody if you don’t even know what you’re giving them. Remember it should be, “I could but I don’t want to make it without you” rather than “I can’t make it without you”. The only person that can help you in the long run is yourself and that is what the mathematics tells us: the square of a negative one equals a positive one.

These, my babies, are some precious keys handed to you. You better buy your momma a house!


Your statistician Burundian momma

Image source: hmlopedia