So here we are, facing the world, hating its systems, loving its people, confused by everything.
Here we are questioning our education, asking ourselves if what we’ve been building through our past will be enough to face the future.
The past comforts us, the present appeases us, and the future scares us.
We were taught to live our own life, to have good grades at school, to honor our parents, to respect our elders, to love our families, to take care of them.
Be the first in everything Son;
Be the example Daughter;
Find your way to the top;
We have to be proud of you! …
We were taught all that with the purpose of having a good, fulfilled life.

The culture, the society and everything pointed, still pointing, without any intention to change focus from THAT, as THE way to THE good life.
And now, we are concentrated on that…
Life is all about me, myself, and I… looking for the top and aiming for it!
I have to fight against everybody to reach my top!
And I am ready!
Nothing and nobody will stop me from making it!

But there is a fine, subtle obstacle coming in the way of our sincere try.
Here we are again, facing it, and almost being slapped by it.

Our fathers used the same philosophy, and it was even tougher for them because they didn’t have any other choice.
But it worked.

They had us, they built education systems; the academic, the moral and the spiritual one, and we learnt.
We learnt so well that we are now facing it.
We are facing the tragic consequences of focusing on oneself.

The few who made it to a point of stability thought they were escaping, they thought they were surviving.
They have made it! It wasn’t easy, but they made it!
Caring little about the mass behind that is still suffocating for blossoming, and for mental independence.
Striving for the better and faster, they forgot the game is being in the same boat.
Me, myself and I… my family, my job…
Oh my …!

The masses I’m talking about represent about 88% of our population.
And now, we’re all facing them.

The few and the masses are all people, the basic needs are the same.
Five, ten, fifteen years have gone by, and the masses have said NO!
They want us to remember that we are all in the same boat.
They do not want to do harm to anyone, they just want us to acknowledge they’re there.

Today, some identify as “the new few” while others are “the new mass”,
But we all share the same culture,
The same need to survive.

Do we not see where the “me, myself and I” has led us to?
Power!  Control!  Extermination!
We are all facing it! And we can’t do anything about it!
We are dying!

I hope that in these half-mixed, half-arranged thoughts you understood that you are not a doctor, or an engineer, or a businessman, or an economist… you’re not a rich or a poor man.
You’re just a human being!
And if what you are building in your life does not have the ultimate goal to help other human beings, the world has swallowed you to the point where you no longer know who you are.
You are just a failure!

For those who are oppressed because they are creating a common platform to grow together, your light shines from within you, so it cannot be switched off… keep up the good work!

May God teach us what He had in mind when He said: “Let us make man in our image, like us […]”

By Dorel Ndayisaba who lives and works in Kamembe, Rwanda.