Hey readers (and future contributours)!

People have been asking how we can promise anonymity to contributors who do not wish to be identified, when the only way to submit a post is through email. Well, some of our anonymous contributors actually created anonymous e-mail addresses to send us their posts! We do however realise that the process is quite cumbersome and may discourage some of you to send us your amazing stories, so we thought of a way to make things easier for you: we deactivated the requirement to tell us your e-mail address when posting a comment or sending us a message through the “contact us” page.

However, we reserve the right to approve or disapprove the publication of comments and articles that do not meet our standards; also, anonymous submissions will be edited and published without approval of any eventual changes by the author. Please be aware of this if you send us anything without your name (or at least a pseudo) on it. For story submissions, simply go to the contact us page, fill in your name (or your pseudo), copy and paste your text in the comment section then hit submit… it’s that simple!

Voilà! Keep them stories coming; it seems like people are loving this Burundian life thing! 🙂


Karl-Chris Nsabiyumva

P.S. Articles can be in Kirundi, English, French, Swahili or a mix of all four languages if you like 🙂