As soon as our eyes met, I knew that nothing good was going to come out of the relationship…

Mimi met him on a dating app. Let’s call him Mike. He’s Kenyan and had just moved here to set up the subsidiary of the company he works for. Mimi had told me a lot of things about him, including how good he is in bed. Actually, when they started seeing each other, Mimi was just looking for a friend with benefits; but then she started catching feelings. I had advised her not to, multiple times but she wouldn’t listen. Blame it on his stroke game, I guess.
The guy was sketchy. He only looked for Mimi when he wanted to get off. In fact, Mimi is the one who looked for him most of the time. She had tried, multiple times, to get him to do other activities out of the bedroom but had been unsuccessful. He always had excuses: an urgent meeting or work-related call, or he simply wouldn’t respond to her messages. He seemed to only be available for her after 10 pm. Booty-call hours.
Funny thing though, Mimi never stopped talking about how she thought him and I would get along so well. “He’s exactly your type of guy. Cool, smart, open-minded, funny… and he’s got those rugged bad boy good looks that you love!” “Okay, but why do you keep telling me about him like that and insisting I meet him?” Wasn’t she afraid I would steal her man?

Well, we had “shared” men before, but only if we were seeing them for sex. Her affair with Mike was different though. She was falling for him, and I didn’t want to be that friend who “stole her man”.
Besides, I was trying to put an end to my “hoe life” too. I had reached a point in my life where sex was not as good as it used to be. Don’t get me wrong, I was getting a regular dose of orgasms, but the mornings after and the walks of shame were feeling much worse. I needed something more than the orgasms. I wanted a connection. I wanted to fall in love. I had started to feel empty, used and unhappy; especially as more and more of my friends and age-mates got married.

As you may expect, I had started going to Church; and I was loving it. I was starting to see positive changes in my life, especially in my mood and self-confidence. I was beginning to understand my purpose on this Earth, and resetting my priorities straight. People around me kept telling me how I had changed “in a good way”. I had made new friends who were helping me become a “better person”. Plus, I had started talking to Billy – a guy at my Church who isn’t really my type, but that I had decided to give a chance to. He is nice, from a good family, has a stable professional and financial situation, and “loves the Lord” – the kind of guy that many girls my age would love to have as a husband…

So, I didn’t want to meet Mimi’s man!

One Saturday evening, as Mimi and I were driving back from yet another wedding, she received a call from Mike asking if she could meet him and his friends at some bar in town. I had given her a ride, so I was okay dropping her off before heading home; but she begged me to come in with her. She insisted that she needed me to be there to make sure she didn’t go home with him (she had been trying to get over him). I gave in, but only after making her promise that we would only be there for an hour. I had to wake up early the next day to go to Church.

One hour turned into four.

When I pulled into my driveway later that night, after dropping Mimi off at her house, I received a text from Mike…
We had exchanged numbers after he’d expressed a desire to find a home Church here, and I invited him to come with me the next day. This conversation happened while Mimi was using the bathroom, but as soon as she got back, I pulled her to the side told her about it.
“Uratanguye ivyawe?!” she said. “What do you mean?!” I replied “If I was doing what you think I’m doing, I wouldn’t have told you anything! I’m telling you so that you can come tomorrow and keep your man your man on check, even though it’s just Church!” I mean, what could possibly happen at Church?

Before opening his message, I took a deep breath. This was way past midnight, and I have enough life experience to be wary of a message, from a guy, at this time of the night. I was also not oblivious to the fact that Mike and I’s connection had been instant when we met. I guess Mimi was right… We had basically spent the whole night at the bar talking to and lowkey flirting with each other…

“Do you want to come over?” is what the message said…

(End of Part 1. Click here for Part 2)

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