I am 100% Burundian, shaped like a typical Burundian girl: slim above the waist but thick af below…

So back in 2012, I was a student at a local University (I live in Alberta, Canada). Everything was good until I met this Burundian guy through a mutual friend. We started talking and after a few month of chit chatting he asked me if I wanted to be “umucherie wiwe”. I declined because I had a boyfriend at the time: a sexy Rwandan man, who made sure I reached my destination before he did. Burundian guy said it was okay, that he could be my friend. He would call me once in a while like every good friend  does, but then we lost touch because he moved to Montreal and I’m guessing he didn’t really want to stay in the “friend zone”.

Fast forward to February 2014; I was attending a Burundian party. I was just chilling minding my own business, dancing with my friends and when I got tired I sat down for a bit. I felt someone approaching from behind but I pretended to be busy on my phone. He called my name and was like:

  • C’est toi ?
  • Oui c’est moi ca va?
  • Bite? Za siku?

Honestly, I had the biggest smile on my face. We chatted for about 30 minutes and then he gave me his new number. He noticed that I had saved him as “Burundian guy”, so he took my phone and changed it to “cute Burundian guy”. He is actually quite cocky.

Anyways we started talking again and he asked if I was still with my boyfriend to which I answered that we had broken up towards the end of 2012. He pretended to be sad for me but I saw the spark in his eyes which suggested otherwise.
We continue talking, then started going to movies, romantic walks in the park etc. After a few months he asked me to be his girl to which I said yes! Yoo, this guy was everything! We could talk about anything and nothing. He was smart, educated, charming, friendly… the list goes on.

Of course we started “doing the nasty”…
The first time was nice. We both arrived at our destination at the same time, but as time went by, I started noticing a pattern: as long he got off, he didn’t care if I did.

So this one time we were fore playing and somehow I ended on top. I started grinding a little bit… you know, getting the groove on. I swear he looked straight into my soul and asked:

“Ushaka kuba umugabo?!”

I started laughing because that’s how I act when I am in an awkward situation. Then I explained to him that no, it’s just a position I love, but then he started lecturing me saying: “abakobwa b’ubu mushaka kuba abagabo even in bed!” Bruh! I was like WTH?! I was shocked by his remarks!

Anyway, we continued dating for a bit, and once in a while he would request that I eat his “Popsicle”, but I would refuse because for some reason I have to be super comfortable in bed with my partner before letting my freak side out. And since this guy was kind stuck in the old way of doing the nasty I couldn’t really be myself in the bedroom. What stuck in my head however, until this day, is the fact he didn’t want me to ride him! Please, I need to know if all our men just want to just do the missionary all the time! He was 30 and I was 22 at the time. How is sex life for Abarundikazi dating Burundian guys?

I’ve been single for nearly two years now, but I’m getting to know this sexy “amaso y’inyana” Burundian guy. Even though he is slightly younger than my “missionary guy”, I can’t help but wonder if he will let me ride or if he will ask me if I want to be the man like the last guy did! I need to hear from my Burundian guys! I know it is taboo in our culture to talk about sex openly like this, but I really need to know!

Chronicles of a Burundian Lover stories are published anonymously on purpose because, you know, Abarundi…

Image source: keoneulaes.org