By Alain Ndayishimiye 

With the ongoing crisis, it’s easy to forget people whose pure, noble, and admirable deeds, whether small or large, have and continue to enrich our individual lives as well as that of our nation. Two days ago, I wanted us to forget about the crisis just for a moment, and celebrate those individuals.  I took it to twitter and asked #abatwip (Abarundi on Twitter) to share their #MyBurundianHero. Here are some of the tweets:

Most people started by giving a deserved a shout out to their parents for all the heroic work they do every day:


Then friends, family & colleagues…..


Leaders who have made a huge impact in the life of Burundi

As well as the next generation of Burundian leaders 

And of course Burundi’s very own national treasure, Ketty Nivyabandi

Roland Rugero also appeared a few times for his work in the media

And last but certainly not least, the protester 


Who is Your Burundian Hero?

Alain currently lives and works in Edmonton, Canada. You can follow him on Twitter: @alainndayi