I read your letter and I thought it was worth my first blog.

First of all, I want to thank your mum for raising such an awesome son. Then I would like to take a minute and expose you my concerns too.

I too need a man I can become friends with first, a man who will take his time to get to know me first.

I too need a man I can go out with, without thinking about the outcome of the date. I need a man who will be able to not put a label on something we cannot even define yet. And if someone tells him:

“Hum I saw you with that chick…hum….what is the deal?”

I want a man that can easily reply:

“This lady just gave me the opportunity to get to know her. And about what deal? I cannot reply as this is not merchandise I am purchasing but just someone I would like to get to know”.

I need a man able to understand that although our society puts us under a lot of pressure to get married, some girls like me believe in that song by The Supremes and Diana Ross that says, “My mama always told me… You can’t hurry Love…Nooo, you just have to wait… they say Love don’t come easy” (PS: you should know… I am the worst singer ever).

I need a man who is willing to spend some quality time with me discussing about the political conflict between Israel and Palestine, the future of the Great lakes region and the nuclear position of Russia. But I also need a man who can listen to my thoughts about the love of Kanye West for Kanye West, the last episode of Scandal or Miley Cyrus’ last tweet. I need a man I can dance with like the song we are dancing on will be the last one, without caring about the last moves seen on TRACE (PS (2): maybe God didn’t bless me with a voice, but I sure know how to dance! ). I need a man that will be willing to meet my friends and family, get to know about my work and advise me on my professional and personal life. A man that I can call without thinking about what I will have to say, that I will text without analyzing every word and smiley I use. The one I will take on my walks, my church and my parties.

The man I could do all the things without making him think I am looking for something else. The one that will have the same motto as me: “Just live the moment”.

So Handsome, I could go on and on about that man I want to know first and have as a friend, but you can already see, it’s not easy for us girls too.

This year, let’s forget about flowers and chocolates and think about laughs, tears, doubts, dreams and let’s share experiences….

So let me ask you… would you be mine?

Amicalement votre,

A woman who also wants to be your friend first