By Achille Manirakiza

A contemporary thinker said: “the middle class complains with social media, the lower class still cannot join the two ends of their months, and the higher class sees it…and keeps on making money”.

With the general elections of 2005, every single Burundian was brought to face politics, whether directly or indirectly. With the rise, civil society was brought to light, as it was always thought to tackle human rights issues exclusively.

Time went by, we got more involved, everyone behind the favorite radio stations at noon, in cars, at home, on stationary joints, deep villages, and everyone gets it; the most preferred rhetoric, either the killed, the robbed, the civil society against this, some local elected trespassing community roles, the hidden story of a certain affair that was not resolved, everything passes under light.

We prefer the news, we prefer the polemics, we prefer the news again. Anyone feels important to know the latest, the firsthand information and actually spreads it. Yes, it brings about a whole group to hear the messiah, with bad news. Either through media or mouth.

The government goes on, with a not-so-well known program, allowing people to sleep on their weekends, while in some parts of the country, to not be seen at community works equals a lot of punishments, and actually would go to being called a member of the opposition.

Killings here and there. A lot of accusations, for over two decades. The game seems to be profiting to some generation up there above. The same opposition opposes everything that passes, from the next elections to simple local mangoes’ exportation. Yet to this, more and more polemic is made.

The game has gone viral. And trust, the players are making profit at shooting at each other on social media. Yes, we spend hours reading this report made available by this influent member of this political party. To whom does it profit?

Without mentioning worldwide statistics, the country is on a bad shape economically, human life indexes, and so much more. There is a sad tendency to forget that everyone really, has a role in his own progress. At least, as we know that we still sadly believe that the nation’s progress is a role for the elected group. (Sobs)

Real matters await. Young people, avid of social media, literally spends day reading this or that. The eager generation out there, even nearer within the region are getting further high on achieving their lifetime dreams.

Things are done together. Cooperate, live, get friends and progress. There is a game up there and the worst affliction would be to play it. There is nothing gained in running the town singing this song for this opinion leader, and getting jailed over nothings. Trust the law of the most strong; it will keep one locked for a period that pleases.

What a life lost, how many opportunities really. You are not playing martyrs in your twenties. And believe, that leader you have been behind is more interested to save his guts and run. He dictates from abroad by the way, and you are wearing green and you sleep on the cement and eat nothing.

There are real matters, I repeat. There are matters of one self. Who knows how many achievements those we support might be having already?

Matters of career development, self-employment, investments, are to be told. Well, I do not sound interesting. But yes, right in the face, ruthless, I repeat: Stop, playing the games you do not know about.

Start your game, play it, be smart, move, learn, travel, get yourself known. The only day things will change is when the players change.

It is sad to see talents getting lost on senseless debates. Yes, guess we have been talking over years, about the same ever subjects, but all we do is an obsolete and virtual circle that we turn, and turn, and turn around. Seeing who is smarter at turning the same pot and following him. Sad.

Life goes on, and life will pass us by.

(Image by Shutterstock)

Achille currently lives and works in Rwanda. You can follow him on Twitter @akillesm