A man

That very first time! Every young boy dreams about it. By the time you hit thirteen or fourteen, you begin to hear your friends’ stories and you inevitably start fantasizing about how that first time would be for you. Well, I don’t know about you all but my parents never talked to me about sex. In fact even as an adult, I don’t think we’ve ever had that conversation. So, growing up most of what I knew about it was gathered from my older friends who had already started to experiment with it. I listened to their stories with awe and envy. I couldn’t wait for my day to come. I couldn’t wait for my turn to tell the story and see the look in their faces.

I had my first real girlfriend when I was fourteen. She was this pretty, soft-spoken, short dark-skinned Congolese girl with beautiful long hair. I met her through a good friend of mine who had been friends with her for a while and was dating one of her best friends. As fourteen year olds, we both didn’t know much about sex and it’s something we never really discussed. We kissed once in a while but it was just one of those quick gotta-do-it-before-I-get-caught kind of thing. The relationship didn’t last very long either; I had to move.

Three years later, I met the girl I would later lose my virginity to. We lived in the same area and had a few common friends. I had heard about her from my friends but never met her in person until later on. Her brother had been a friend of mine for a while and when she later came to stay with him during the holidays, I took it as my only chance to get with her. I started going to their house more often. Most of the times I went when her brother was not there. Of course I knew he would not be there but still pretended to look for him when I got there. This worked in my favour so many times and scored me some alone time with her on a number of occasions. Again, I was seventeen, we’ve all done this

Sometimes I’d get the timing wrong and would end up finding her brother at home and forced to hang out  with the two of them. As you can imagine, it was awkward. After a few months the relationship grew stronger. We were both horny 17 year olds. Her more than me. I think she had had experience in that area. I on the other was just looking to get started. She was tall, beautiful, with big beautiful eyes, pink full lips and short curly hair. Her skin was dark but smooth and just overall oozed a sex appeal rare in most seventeen year old girls I knew of at the time. She also had a shy side to her which I found  cute. It’s hard to explain how I felt the first time I kissed her; it was passionate, electric, and sensual all at the same time. From that first innocent kiss, it moved to full on makeouts rather quickly. In the next couple of weeks we’d meet up on most evenings to go for walks. Actually thinking about it now, it was romantic. We went for “long” walks holding hands and enjoying each other’s company. After walks we’d make out before parting ways. I would go home with a killer boner that would sometimes lead to a headache.

One evening we went for our usual walk. Somehow, something felt  different about the night. It started just as a regular evening. Me waiting for her to join me at a park. We started walking towards the end of the park. Somewhere along,  the making out begun. It was so intense that for a few minutes I lost my mind, and I think she must have lost hers as well. Things got heavy and clothes started coming off. In the middle of it all, I somehow regained my consciousness and realized I did not have a condom and both of us had never been tested. I stopped the whole thing and told her we couldn’t do it. She was upset , but I explained to her why we couldn’t do it and she was understanding.

The following day, we went to get tested and both tested negative. I also went to the store and stoked up on condoms, another awkward moment. Although we both tested negative, I obviously did not want to become father at that young age. A few days later, I invited her for another walk in the same park. We took the same route we had taken the other night. I carried condoms in my pocket and for some reason this alone made nervous as hell. She on the other hand seemed to be at ease. We walked for about 30 minutes, and I nervously held her hand and started caressing it. We stopped by a bench in the park, sat down and started kissing. I was sweaty perhaps because I was too nervous but thankfully, she didn’t seem to mind. We made out for about thirty minutes before I started taking her clothes off. It was approaching 11:00pm at the time and the park was nearly empty. By the time all the clothes came off, the nerves had gone. I stood there for a second to admire her naked body. She was a beautiful girl. In 10 seconds, I took my shirt off, threw it across from the bench, took a condom out of my pocket, lowered my pants and boxers, and put on the condom. I then looked her in the eyes, embraced her and went on to do the deed. It was awesome.

Photo source: petapixel.com