Since I started school, my parents bama banyumvisha combien de fois going to school is everything. Kwanza they made it sound like once you are educated, nothing can stop you. They used to say things like “you will be the richest person in the world”, nkuk’umengo school is a miracle worker in terms of becoming whatever you want to become… Hm.

When I joined University (one of the best ones around here, thanks to my parents and family) I met people who believed in fighting for your dreams, grabbing each and every opportunity. They said that one should be aggressive. You hear a door opened somewhere, you go for it! You don’t wait for things to come to you! Fonce! Va de l’avant! … And I believed them. In fact I joined them; meaning that I’m a strong believer that fighting for something you want is the way to get it. I thought that having education, the conviction that I could become everything I have ever wanted and the “fight for your dreams” principle, I had the whole package together. Like, I got it all… everything it takes to make it and become as great as… I don’t even know who to compare myself to, tellement it is HUGE!

SO, just the other day I graduated… Do not call me impatient, but I am starting to get desperate dans le sens ya job seeking. Yes I know it’s too early… but actually, what is “too early”? Biri relatif je m’excuses! Je me dis que bivana na responsibilities uba ufise, aho ushaka gushika, and when obviously.

Muti kuki nihebuye kare rero? You remember the “being aggressive” and “fighting” theories, right?

Well, the fighter I am didn’t allow me to just sit and wait for graduation to start applying for jobs, in Burundi especially… Et je me suis heurtée à deux animaux called EXPERIENCE and CONNECTIONS. Jeez these two have been so annoying that I have to ask if anybody out there can help me come up with a way to get rid of them! Anyone?! I mean, I’m usually very good at solving problems – you may even call me mini-Olivia Pope, hihi! – but these to issues right here are above my capacities! I NEED a fixer!

All the jobs I have been applying for suit me very well… I mean everything they ask for, I have… apart from, of course, the 5 or 3 years of experience! Kubera iyo mpavu rero, they don’t even bother replying… Like if you can’t offer the job, at least have the courtesy to tell me that I’m too young or that I don’t have enough years of experience for that matter! Eish, HOW HARD IS THAT?!

Anyway, in my opinion, all these recruiters confuse delivery and years of experience. And how do they expect us to gain iyo experience mamawe, if they don’t even offer the opportunities?! Kwanza I even applied for internship; they didn’t reply imagine! –SMH-

Do you guys think that having done something for long bituma ukora neza gusumba uwutabikoze but who is willing to learn and deliver?! Kwanza there is a guy I know who, on his blog, was saying that ahantu akora akorana nabantu bamusumba cane, muga harigihe akora neza kubasumvya, in fact akanabahanura… à la fin bakagaruka kumubwira ngo “tu avais raison”

I mean really?! Basi ko mwumva, bazozane ishure rya EXPERIENCE basi, nyimba ivyo twize bidakwiye! They make it sound like ni iyindi diplome erega! Kandi I am pretty sure that presque twese tworyiga iryo shure, if that is what it takes to even get an answer from them!

Connections nazo rero…

Umuntu wese mbaza how the Burundian market is, as I try to get info on jobs opportunities (I am sorry if you find me too much, I have goals man!); I always get the same annoying answer:

“Asha mu Burundi ubukene burishe abantu. Nta n’ubuzi buriyo kiretse ufise abantu bagufasha kwegeza imbere dossier yawe! Uje gukoriki kweri? Urarondera hiyo nyene uri wigumireyo! Aha nta kintu!”

And I’m like: “Abatabafise none twiyahure?!” (In my heard, bien sûr)

I have 2 cousins: one of them graduated nko muri 1999… I was so little sinatahura neza what was going on. Muga just the other day it hit me ko kuva ico gihe gushika ubu atakazi araronka! In fact yarasubiye kwishure ubu kugira arabe ko hoba akarusho! On the other hand, something happened to my other cousin (no offence if she reads this, I actually thank God for her) that she couldn’t continue kwiga… She dropped out school around May 2011, but by the end of the same year yarakora kandi ahembwa! Je ne peux vraiment pas expliquer ingene vyagenze muga je sens que the “connections” ont eu quelque chose à avoir là-dedans!

Ma question est: what about abantu badafise abavyeyi bazwi canke bafise ama connections?! You guys do realize ko muburundi bwose, plus de 50% ari abantu batize canke badafise ayo ma connections?! Pire encore, what about people like me who have no parents at all?!

Are you guys telling me ko abavyeyi banje bambeshe; ko kwiga vyonyene bidakwiye iyo udafise “umuntu agusunikira dossier”, canke udafise experience?! None ni ikosa ryacu – bon I mean ryanje – ko mpejeje amashure ubu, ko nkiri muto, ko nishinze niga atamwanya wo gukora ndaronka ngo ndonke iyo qualification imwe – ituma izindi zose mfise zisa nk’uko ataco zimaze?! Ubuzi bwose ngo bushaka experience! Canke hoho is it my fault ko ata bavyeyi canke aba oncles bashobora kunsunikira dossier ngira?! Ni amakosa gushaka gukora ibintu munzira nziza ntarinze kurondera aba papa b’abana beza (read ‘sugar daddy’) bansunikira, puisque mfise everything needed?!

Bambwiye amashure,narayize! Abandi nabo ngo “iga icongereza, ukizi uzokira gusaba akazi uzovuga baguhereje” mba ndakorokeye mwishure kwiga icongereza! Hama fighting and being aggressive… more aggressive than me you die! Ubu naho ngo nkeneye expérience n’ama connections… NON, MAIS?! Can someone please tell me when this is going to stop?! I totally need your help!

Get me right, I am not complaining or anything… I’m not giving up either… I am a fighter so much that I’m convinced I will end up getting a good job very soon – Jesus and I will do exploits! I am just wondering how to go about this, how to solve this; where do I even start?! I’ve been asking myself these questions for quite some time now and since I haven’t gotten any answer, I thought that people who follow “This Burundian Life” could help… SOMEONE?! ANYONE?!

Oh, and even when I end up finding a job, all these questions are still relevant… thinking about my friends, and other fellow Burundians struggling like me. Aba jeunes bose bize bicaye muhira, who are hustling, basigaye ari aba “commissionaires” bose kubera ata experience canke connections bafise…. Abavyeyi badandaje inka, impene, imirima… pour investir muri éducation y’abana babo with a lot of hopes of seeing them bavuyemwo ikintu, in fact kugira babakure mu bukene. Je nakuze numva ngo urwaruka turi “Uburundi bw’ejo”… Ubwo Burundi buzova he none if we are denied the rights of exploiting our knowledge and ideas?! Is there any agenda like “creation of employment opportunities” muri government? If there is, is it working?

Ndarindiriye ko mumbwira rero! Tugire amahoro!